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Hello, and welcome to gen_fen, a home for gen fan fiction of any fandom.

Stories should include:
Warning(s)/Spoilers, and
Rating (if above 14A)

These things make it easier for both the maintainers and for people who might wish to read your story. Cross posting is allowed, but please place stories behind a cut tag.

Thank you for your cooperation, and we would love for you to join us.


What can I post here?
Why, gen fan fiction, of course. We accept all fandoms. Discussion is welcomed, disrespect is not. Keep in mind that a large majority of community members also read, write, and enjoy both het and slash. Please refrain from making posts solely for self-introduction ("Hi, I'm ____, and here's a story I wrote" is okay, "Hi, I'm ____, see you later, teeheehee" is not.)

I've seen a few different definitions of 'gen,' though.
For the purposes of this community, gen stories are those that do not focus on a romantic relationship between two (or more) characters. This includes plot-driven works, AUs, crossovers, filk, and character studies. The inclusion of canon relationships is all right, as long as the story does not focus on that aspect; as is characterization consistent with canon. (For example, a Firefly crew-centric story in which Zoe and Wash happen to be married is okay, as is a Doctor Who story in which Captain Jack is seen to flirt with someone -- as long as these are not the point of the story itself.)

A common sense rule of thumb: If you would post it to a CharacterA/CharacterB or Shipping_CharacterA community, those would probably be more appropriate places for it to be. *G*

I'm still not sure whether or not my story belongs here.
If you're unsure, just email cherryice (aestivalblue at gmail dot com). She doesn't bite.